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10 Dating Ideas in Singapore to Spice Up Your Relationship

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and some guys are struggling to find that perfect date night experience. Fret not, here're 10 dating ideas to lend a helping hand! ^^

No matter what type of experience your bae fancies, there's bound to one below that will win her heart ten times over.

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#01- For the Adventure Seeker

Scream your declaration of love loud and clear as you zip through the lush jungle canopy with your loved one at MegaZip Sentosa.

Extra bonus tip: Great proposal idea. Quite a special way to pop the question after the adrenaline rush, just don't accidentally drop the ring as you zip across!

#02 - For the Aquatic Lover

Get up close and personal with the Dolphins at Adventure Cove!

For those who love the sea and the marine life, nothing beats an up-close and personal interaction with these cuddly dolphins on Dolphin Island @ Adventure Cove Waterpark!

#03- For Those Looking to Take Off...

Take off into the skies of course! (what are you thinking?!)

Let your relationship take off to new heights at iFly Singapore, experiencing skydiving in this perfectly safe environment under the guidance and supervision of professional trainers. Best part I love about this experience is that I got a cert at the end of it!

#04- For the Night Owl

Embrace the charms of these nocturnal animals at the Night Safari!

I will never forget the thrills I got from the Creature of the Night Show at the Night Safari. You do not want to miss the safari tram ride as you spot those glowing eyes in the dark.

#05- For the Ultimate Thrill Seeker

If bungee jumping is not enough, try this Ultimate Sentosa Adrenaline Combo by combining both bungee jumping and giant swing experience together!

Soar through the air at speeds reaching 120km/hr. Are you and your partner up for this mega adrenaline rush?

#06- For the Romantic Lover

Enjoy the romantic sunset view of night city landscape as you feast on the luxurious 4-course meal on board the cable car.

It's really a memorable once in a life time experience!

#07- For the Seafood Lover

That's me! Extra hints totally intended. XD

Feast on Truffle Lobster Roll, Giant Full Boston Lobsters and more at Pince & Pints Restaurant and Bar! Bon Appétit!

I mean who can resist a lobster feast?!

Read my review of Pince & Pints here!

#08- For the Intellectual Lover

Challenge you and your partner's mystery solving skills in this Trapped Escape Room Experience at SCAPE!

Choose from the following challenges: The Purge, Tekong Army Bunk, and Mental Ward and see who's the CSI material between the two of you! Show off some of your wittiness!

#09- For the Health & Wellness Advocate

Sit back, relax and enjoy this foot reflexology at Kenko Wellness Fish Spas the fishes help to remove all the dead skin from your feet!

OK I've to admit it's a little ticklish at the beginning XD but it feels super shiok and relaxing right after you take your feet out from the water tank.

#10 - For the Ultimate Crazy Rich Asian

What's even better than watching F1 Races? Taking the wheel in a Ferrari California or a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and driving the F1 route taken by the racers!

Or you can simply feel like a Crazy Rich Asian as you take the passenger seat & enjoy the breeze as you tour around the city in a SuperCar.

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10 Date ideas still not enough? Here's a full selection of Singapore dating ideas for you to choose from .

Stay tuned for my next post on quick(ie) romantic getaway ideas for Valentine's. ^^


This is not a sponsored post by Klook. All opinions expressed in this post are based on my honest personal view. However, if you do make a booking by clicking through the affiliate links from this post, I will get a tiny commission that helps keep this Travel Site going, and that can go a long way. Thank you for all the support!

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