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7 Winter Alpine Wonders in Slovenia

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

During our stay in Bled, Slovenia, visiting the beautiful Triglav National Park and the hidden gems around the Slovenia Alps is definitely one of our key highlights. We booked a tour with Altitude Activities on GetYourGuide, and from there, our journey into the winter wonderland begins! It was quite the private tour as it was just 5 of us and Matthew, our friendly tour guide. What's even better, this tour included hotel pickup in Bled!

Featuring my mum and I taking up the balancing pose challenge on the rocks in the middle of the Lake Jasna! XD

Although we drove to Slovenia, it was definitely a wise choice to book a tour with a local guide as the narrow mountain roads are really hard to navigate and maneuver through, especially for foreigners who do not have enough experience driving in mountain terrains and not under these icy snowy road conditions. Safety first, always!

1. Kreda Lake

Our first alpine wonder -- the peaceful Kreda Lake, also know as Lake Chalk, in the

Radovna Valley. The area was mined for chalk, and later a basin was created that formed today's beautiful lake.

2. Peričnik Falls

Peričnik Falls is located in the valley of Vrata. There are two steps to the Peričnik Falls, the upper fall is 16 meters high, and the lower fall with a single 52 metres drop.

It would have looked really spectacular if you've gone in deep winter when it's snowing and the fall is frozen.

Unfortunately, it barely snowed the few days prior to our visit, and there was little waterfall so we did not climb to the bottom of the fall. If you are adventurous enough and happen to visit it a day after a heavy rainfall, you can in fact go up close and behind the waterfall for a good soak!

We were not wearing the proper hiking shoes, and were travelling with my family so we did not make the hike up. It takes just about 5-10 minutes to get to the bottom of the fall and around 20 minutes to get to the upper fall if you want to take the hike. We passed! XD

We gladly chilled along the pretty pebble stream and took some photos XD Lazy piggss!

Later on, we drove past the villages and past by this huge piece of farmland, with a vast mountain range behind it.

We could hear the faint sound of the cows moo-ing in the distance but we didn't go near as it was private property. No trespassing! XD

3. Zelenci Natural Reserve

This is seriously one of the most precious hidden gem IMO that you must visit when you are in Slovenia. Tucked behind a short trail off the main road, a jaw-dropping emerald green paradise unfolds right in front of your eyes. The blue-green colour of the Zelenci Lake is formed from clean and cold stream emerging from the layers of marl, giving it its enchanting emerald green tone.

4. Špik Mountain (Gozd Martuljek)

Towering at 2,472 m above sea level, the Špik Mountain is one of the prettiest mountain that stands out from the Martuljek Moutain group. Its sharp pyramid peak gives its name.

Family portrait time!

5. Soča River (Velika Korita)

The Soča River flows through both Slovenia and Italy. This Alpine River starts from the Trenta Valley in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. Its emerald green shade also makes it one of the most beautiful river in Europe! In summer, the river is popular with water sports enthusiasts who flock to the place for canyoning, kayaking and rafting. In winter, nature enthusiasts like me love this place for its tranquility, and of course challenging my family to a game of throwing pebbles! XD

The Soča Trout is apparently super famous in the region, which is no wonder why the Fish section in the restaurants in Slovenia reads trout, trout and more trout!

6. Vršič Pass

Driving through Vršič Pass makes me feel even more thankful that I had booked this tour, instead of self-driving. Vršič Pass, the highest mountain road in Slovenia, runs through the the Julian Alps and takes you into a complete winter paradise with beautiful mountain ranges all around you. Though the roads are rather well maintained, the snowy and icy conditions of the winding mountain roads are still rather high risk for drivers who are not familiar with driving in such conditions.

We've had plenty of fun playing snowball fight, building snowman and carving shapes out of the snow!

7. Lake Jasna

We were super lucky this time as we arrived to see the lake frozen in time! In summer time, when the lake is not frozen, you can see very clear reflections in the crystal clear waters. Lake Jasna is made up of two interconnected artificial lakes, and is definitely a great stopover place to have a cup of tea in the mountains or have an overnight stay at the holiday apartments here while travelling around the Julian Alps, or skiing at Kranjska gora just minutes away from the lake.

In winter, as the lakes are kind of frozen, you can even play hop scotch across the lake without being too concerned on falling into the lake!

8. Lago di Predil, Italy (BONUS!)

Wait, didn't I say 7 alpine wonders in Slovenia? Our tour guide threw in a bonus stop and took a short drive slightly across the border to Lago di Predil, Italy. Did you know that it's only a short 1 hour drive from Bled to cross the Slovenian-Italy border and reach this beautiful lake in Italy? Add it to your itinerary the next time you visit Bled!

This lake is not super spectacular by itself by it's surrounded by picturesque forests and alpine landscape.

Legend has it that this place used to be a bustling town, but the people were mean and hardhearted. One dark winter night, a young woman with a crying baby went around begging for shelter. After multiple rejections, she finally found one kind family who took them in. Storm and earthquake hit the town that night, and flooded the entire town, except for that small house with the kind humble family who took in the mother and baby. After that night Predil Lake was formed with the remnants of the small island on the Northern part of the Lake is where that very house stood.

Overall, we had a really memorable time in this winter paradise. Never did we regret booking the tour with Altitude Activities on GetYourGuide. Do check out their summer version of the tour if water sports and nature are more your cup of tea!

Also, check out other tours in Slovenia if you are staying in the capital Ljubljana!

If you are considering a trip to Slovenia and the rest of Europe, remember to book with Expedia and enjoy great savings, even more so when you book your flight and hotel together!

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