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Dancing in the Land of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Mermaid shot <3

Many Game of Throne fans would love to pay a visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where many scenes were shot in this ancient city with very well preserved fortress walls. Even if you have not watched the series (like me), the majestic walls and old town will still overwhelm you as much.

1. Dubrovnik West Harbour

Dubrovnik West Harbour was our first stop. From the harbour, you can capture great shots of both the Walls of Dubrovnik and Fort Lovrijenac. The emerald water and quaint surrounds at this snug bay makes a perfect Insta-worthy spot.

And it's the perfect spot to take a dance video! The only thing is that you have to ignore the whole row of audience seated on the rocks at the bay behind the camera watching you dance. XD (and wondering when you will be done so they can take a photo at your spot)

Braving the super strong winds in almost 0 degCelsius! XD

The entrance fee to the walls are pretty expensive though (200 HRK approx. $42 SGD, inclusive of entrance to Fort Lovrijenac). We didn't get the entrance for the entire wall in the end but just the entrance ticket to Fort Lovrijenac at 50 HRK. The ticket can be bought at the entrance of Fort Lovrijenac after you climb up the flight of stairs.

2. Fort Lovrijenac

Lovrijenac Fortress doubles up as the Red Keep in King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones. The fortress has three tiers, and the top two tiers give a spectacular panoramic view of the walls and the Adriatic Sea.

My Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Dubrovnik Croatia

3. Old Town of Dubrovnik

Cat Lover's Paradise!

A short walk from Fort Lovrijenac, you can enter the Old Town of Dubrovnik from the Pile Gate. You will be greeted by many cats in Dubrovnik -- reason being most people don't to spay or neuter cats, resulting in many stray cats roaming around. So if you are a cat lover, you'd love it!

As you stroll through the old town from Pile Gate, you will walk down the Stradun, the main street that divides the Old Town into two. On each side of the main street, here are small alleyways that you can navigate through and discover cafes and small churches. If you take the main street all the way down, there's a stage area where performances and mini-concerts are usually held. When we were there on New Year's Eve, the ambiance was pretty intimate with bands playing on stage.

Notable buildings in the area include Franziskanerkloster, Sponza Palace, Church of Saint Blaise, the Bell Tower and Rector's Palace.

4. Old Port of Dubrovnik

This Old Port is just a few steps away from the Sponza Palace. Many yachts and boats dock at this port and there are many tourist boats for hire, that you can rent to have a sightseeing tour of around the coast.

5. Porporela

If you walk around the city walls from the Old Port, you will discover a hidden gem for nice coastal photography. Sit on the rocks and enjoy the sea breeze brushing on your face. It feels like all your worries are thrown far behind you.

6. View from Ploce Gate Area

Another great photo spot is the view from the other side of Ploce Gate. From the bridge, you can have a very clean shot of the pier and the walls. Swipe > It looks like it's taken straight out of a fairy tale.

The Old Town area in Dubrovnik is really not that huge. You need about 2 hours or so to cover the place, unless you are an architecture/ photography lover like me, then it would take about probably half day to one day.

7. Night views in Dubrovnik

As the night falls, the city basks in the glow of orange, tinted against the midnight blue sky.

As always, I was fascinated by the fancy Christmas and 2019 New Year decor all around.

New Year countdown in Dubrovnik is not the kind of crazy party big event that millions flood to a certain place to celebrate, but it has its own old city charm and heartwarming intimacy. Though Dubrovnik is really a bit of a long drive from the main airport in Zagreb Croatia (around 6 hours), it is certainly worth a visit for those who love coastal areas and ancient city architecture!

Hop over to my other post on my Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Dubrovnik for more great shots and stay tuned for the Dubrovnik vlog coming soon! ^^

Photo Credits: @traitszsj

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