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Today was a Fairy tale: Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Slovenia

Since young, I've always dreamt of having a pre-wedding photo shoot in a dreamy fairy tale-like place (because getting married in a fairy tale land is quite unpractical). One day, that dream came true.

Our happily ever after...

My fiance always say that I would do anything for nice photographs but as cheesy as it may sound, I'm a perfectionist and I just want to document beautiful pieces of memories to reminisce in future when we grow old. So here I was braving the freezing winter winds to snap these once-in-a-lifetime shots for my pre-wedding photo shoot in Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Lady luck seems to be shining on us as the swans came to complete this fairy tale.

Adding a vintage feel with the fur shawl and cocktail net veil.

That happily ever after shot with panoramic Lake Bled and Bled Castle in the background.

That lovely dance.

Some behind-the-scenes fun with a little GIF.

As the sun sets, the town lit up with a lovely purplish glow.

We head back to our hotel and made good use of their pretty Christmas decor. ^^

Thankful for my family who helped out in this Happily Ever After shoot in Slovenia! Lots of love! <3

If you love these pre-wed shots, do check out more photos in my Pre-Wedding Shoot in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Next up, Pre-Wedding photos in Plitvice National Park coming soon! Stay tuned!

Photography: @traitszsj My talented Bro

Stylist and Props: My lovely Mummy

Helper: My macho Daddy

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