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How to Beat the #StayHome Blues During COVID-19 Lockdown

1) Feed your wanderlust from the comforts of your home

Alaska, Peru, New Zealand, Argentina --- the Travel Bucketlist goes on and on. We have always taken travel for granted but now we have to shelf all our travel plans for the time being while the world recovers. That being said, it doesn't mean that you can't feed your wanderlust while staying home!

Here are some great sites where you can have an immersive experience by virtually travelling to some of your favourite attractions around the world through 360 videos,photos, and LIVE videos streamed on your phones or laptops for FREE! Some even come with audio guides introducing the attractions.

2) A happy Shiki starts from a happy belly

Tried all permutations and combinations of food delivery everyday for the past month from your GrabFood, Deliveroo and Food Panda restaurants and eateries near your house? (Might as well put on a mask and go get them yourself since you've got all the time in the world now right... unless you are lazy like me! XD )

Well, to give you more options, here are some other affordable meal options from hawker to small eateries and restaurants that can also be delivered to your doorstep!

Got bubble tea craving? Fret not! Here's where you still can get your boba fix during the Circuit Breaker Part 2 Extension.

3) Burn off those extra WFH (Snacking) Calories

My snack stash on my office desk is already incredible, but wait till you see my snack stash at home! =X

That's why the more we need to work out and burn off those extra calories when we have to work from home during this circuit breaker period.

Here are some great Stay Home Workouts to follow along for FREE!

If you have a specific fitness goal or need some more personalised guidance, you can also book an Online Personal Training session to give your that extra motivational push that you (and I both know we) need! ^^

4) Catch up with friends over through Game Apps and more!

Prolonged lack of social interaction will really drive some of us crazy, but thanks to these game apps and sites, we can even have video conferencing while playing games with each other!

Here's a compilation of top FREE simple and fun games that can keep your friendship/ relationship alive during this circuit breaker period so gather your friends and host a virtual games night!

Game Apps:

Game Websites:

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