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JEWEL Changi Airport Craze: Is it over-rated?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

JEWEL Changi Airport is the latest happening attraction in Singapore that has it's doors officially to the public on 17 April 2019. Prior to the launch, there has already been a great hype on the preview tickets as many Singaporeans want to be the first to see Jewel, to the extent that some complimentary preview tickets were being sold on Carousell! Long queues snake from all the restaurants and cafes, and the question that many would ask --- Is this place over-rated or is it really going to beat Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay as the most iconic attraction in Singapore?

Well, that's debatable and only time will tell, but in my opinion, this is another great milestone attraction in Singapore's history to add some excitement for Singaporeans and tourists alike.

Now, let's lay out the Top things to SEE at Jewel!


#01 - Marvel at the World's Tallest Indoor Waterfall

Standing at 40 metres tall, this majestic centerpiece of Jewel, HSBC Rain Vortex, is overtaking the Cloud Forest waterfall in Gardens By the Bay which used to be the world's tallest indoor waterfall standing at 30 metres high. Singapore's architecture and tourism is indeed scaling to new heights, no pun intended.

In the day, you can capture the amazing lush greenery surrounding this giant vortex. But what's even more spectacular is the amazing light-and-sound show that is projected on the water, making the waterfall come alive!

This is definitely going to be the Most Instagrammable Attraction in Singapore for 2019.

There are different vantage points but word is that the best and most up-close view of the

Check out a sneak preview of the amazing light show.

#02 - Hike through Shiseido Forest Valley

Hike up Shiseido Forest Valley and catch a different view of the Rain Vortex. The lush greenery sanctuary serves as a great escape from city life.

This idyllic paradise is home to 900 trees and palms, and about 60,000 shrubs in the garden.

Each trail takes about 30 minutes to complete at a leisure pace, and has multiple exits and seats if you need to take a break and admire the Rain Vortex.

The climb up four levels of the Forest Valley brings you to the top Canopy Park on level 5.

#03- Splashing Fun at the Canopy Park (open in mid-2019)

The Canopy Park only opens to the public officially some time in June, but you can take a sneak peek at what's already installed.

This place is definitely challenging the Flower Dome in Garden's By the Bay with its cute and colourful animal topiaries shaped in animals. Another great photo op checked!

Stay tuned for these amazing attractions in the Canopy Park when it opens in mid 2019.

  • Canopy Bridge

  • Bouncing Net

  • Walking Net

  • Hedge Maze

  • Mirror Maze

  • Discovery Slides

  • Foggy Bowls

  • Topiary Walk

  • Petal Garden

Check out some of the artiste impressions of these attractions on Jewel's website.

#04 - Snap an #OOTD in Singapore's very own lookalike Bamboo Forest

Why fly to Kyoto when we have our very own mini bamboo forest now? Here's the photo op that even grandpa can't miss!

#05 - Gotta catch 'em all at the Pokemon Centre

#06 - Snap a selfie with the Orangutans of Jewel

WHAT?! We can even find orangutans in Jewel? Just kidding, there are two cheeky orangutan statues in Jewel, but they make quite a nice photo op as well. Have fun hunting for their location, I shall keep that a secret to add some fun to your trip there!

Stay tuned for the next article on Top things to EAT at Jewel Changi Airport coming soon!

If you are looking for other exciting activities to do in Singapore, check out Top 10 Dating Places in Singapore.

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